Wet Carpet Removal and Restoration

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A wet carpet may not seem like a big deal. Especially after it has dried out. Although if your wet carpet is a result of a plumbing mishap or nasty weather, you can be looking at problem just waiting to happen. Not only does a wet carpet open you and your home up to the possibility of mold, but many other things as well.

Cleanup and Drying

The first step that should be taken when you have a wet carpet is cleanup. You should try to clean up all the excess water that may still be on the carpet. The easiest way would be to apply dry towels to the affected area to help soak up the excess moisture. Make sure this is done as quickly as possible.

This alone will make the cleaning process a lot simpler.
Fans are also a good suggestion to speed up the drying process. Blow dryers are also a good idea.

The second step will be to remove the carpet. Whether it be a small area or the whole carpet. Once the carpet is removed, make sure that the area under the wet area has not made its way through the wood flooring. If it has, then you need to do a strong cleaning. This should be done as quickly as possible.
Once this process has been completed. The floor should be tested for mold.
Tip: The best method for drying up water is to use fans and dehumidifiers.

Once you have removed the wet carpet and dried it, it should be cleaned with a carpet shampooer.Once this is done, it should be treated with mold treatment.
The point of drying the carpet before you clean it makes it easier for you to get the particles that may have been more difficult to clean when it was still wet. Clean a dry surface makes it easier to remove unwanted particles.

Afterward, you should steam clean the carpet to make sure that there are no lingering particles left. Before your carpet will be complete, it will have to go through a deodorizing process.

After all of this, the carpet may be placed back into the home where it belongs.

Here at Damage Control Florida, we pride ourselves in professionalism. We provide serves that guarantee that your carpet will be fully restored when we are finished. Completely water damage free, we will make sure that your carpet is properly dried and contains no trace of mold.

Unlike most companies, we do not test for mold with our eyes, but with a mold testing process that is guaranteed to remove any and all mold.

Make sure that you contact a specialist when it comes to cleaning your carpet. After all, you want to ensure that you and your family are safe!