Sewage Backup Removal and Cleanup

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Sewage Removal & Cleanup in Daytona Beach

Sewage backup can be a nasty and smelly situation. Untreated sewage contains many disturbing things such as bacteria, fungi, and even parasites just like water damage restoration. The only thing that we do that is more dangerous is trauma cleanup. Sounds lovely right? Wrong! This is why it is important to to have your sewage cleaned up. Raw sewage can poses a serious threat to you, your family, pets, and even neighbors.

If it were to happen at your place of business, it could even put your employees and customers at risk. A risk that no one should be willing to take.

Another serious threat would be electrocution. While this may seem unlikely to most, it is possible. As we all know, electricity and water do not mix!
This is why it is not only important but urgent to give us a call when it comes to a sewage backup. As soon as you discover a problem with your sewage, give us a call at 800.467.3576 or 407.218.6156

Children and Pets Are Particularly Vulnerable

Children and pets tend to be catch everything that they come in contact with. They like to explore everything which makes it more difficult for you to prevent them from sickness like you would like to. This is because no matter what they touch or grab, their hands along with the object they are holding always seems to end up in their mouth!

This factor alone can lead them to getting fungi into their system. Making it easier and quicker for them to get sick verses an adult.

Pets will walk across a contaminated area and then later lick their paws. Although licking themselves is their way of cleaning, it also puts them at risk for fungi as well.

Since both children and pets have small bodies, they tend to get infected more often and more quickly than adults. Kind of like a summer cold. Children will catch a cold a lot quicker than an adult will.

Being that fungi is more dangerous than the common cold, it is in great interest to make sure that once a contaminated area has been spotted that you call a professional right away!

A Sewage Backup Problem Is NOT a Time For a DIY Project!

While I am sure that there are some “cool ideas” on the internet that will help you “fix” your sewage backup problem, this is not the time for it. If a sewage backup problem is not repaired correctly the first time it backs up then it can not only happen again, but cause serious health problems for those that live close to the problem. People like you and your family!
If the mold and bacteria is not removed completely and correctly, it will continue to grow. Making it more difficult to get rid of later and more hazardous to your health.

You should also consider the dangers of trying to do it on yourself. Electrocution and infecting yourself with a serious pathogen are some very real outcomes if attempted by yourself.

Tip: All it takes is one tiny scratch or scrape to come in contact with the sewage water and it can enter your bloodstream and quickly infect your whole body!

Why Should You Choose Damage Control Over Other Restoration Companies
We understand how nasty a sewage backup problem can be. This is why me make ourselves available for your services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. After all, sewage back up is not only an inconvenience but a dangerous health risk as well. Why put yourself and family at risk by waiting until morning. Give us a call anytime! With yours and your families health and safety at risk, you would not want to intrust it with anyone but the best in the Daytona Beach Florida area!

Each one of our technicians are licensed, certified and fully insured with many years of experience under their belts. We have done thousands of sewage backup removals and clean up jobs and a wonderful track record to prove it.
With pride, dignity, and skill, we are happy to serve you and your family at any time! Give us a call right away at 800.467.3576 or 407.218.6156. We are only an hour a way!

Tip: In a sewage backup zone, some pathogens can become airborne! Without the correct protective gear, you could be putting your health at a serious risk.

Your Home Owner’s Insurance Should Cover the Costs

Trying to save money is something that we all understand. We understand that in the attempt to save money, some may even try to do the cleaning their selves. While this may seem like a great idea at first, it is not safe.
Some even hire someone that is not certified or licensed. This is also not a good thing. If they are are not licensed then chances are they are not insured. What happens if they do more damage than good? What happens if they damage it beyond the point of repair?

If this happens then guess who has to pay out of pocket to replace the sewage system? You guessed it, You!

This is why you should always hire a professional! One that is certified and licensed. While this may seem expensive to you now, normally your home owners insurance will cover the cost of the repairs.

Just make sure to keep your photos and all receipts and your homeowners insurance should reimburse you! Also keep a list of all items that were contaminated in the process. Those should be covered by your homeowners insurance as well!

This is why you should always consult a professional! When in doubt call us! We offer our professional advice on items that can or cannot be professionally cleaned or if you are better of trashing it all together.
For example, if we can salvage any of your major appliances, we will! Making sure that it is once again safe to place in your home again.

Give us a call at 800.467.3576 or 407.218.6156 and let us help you get you and your family back on track!

Don’t Hesitate To Call Us For a Free Quote:

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A sewage backup emergency is not a time to dally! You need to act fast to protect:
-Your Family
– Your Pets
– Your Employees
– Your Customers

And Prevent:
– Damage To Your House or Condo
– Damage To Your Business

We have a quicker respond time than all competitors int the Daytona Beach Florida area. It is our job to do it and get it done right the first time.