Fire, Smoke and Soot Damage Cleaning

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One of the most horrific tragedies that a homeowner can go through is a fire. Not only do you lose the things that are important to you, but the task of having to clean up the aftermath of it all is completely overwhelming.

The problem is that you not only have fire, smoke and soot damage, but the Fire Department likely soaked the vast majority of your home. Now we have to clean it and dry to stop the water damage in your home before mold sets in.

Here are a few short steps that you should take to ensure that in the event of a fire, your property is cleaned and taken care of in the correct manner.

Call the Pros

The most essential thing that you can do is to call us now. While we understand that most would like to do the clean up process by yourself and save money, it is not safe to do so.

It is important to hire professionals for many reasons. The main being that having professionals clean up ensures that damage to your belongings is kept a minimum but also that you are able to salvage what is left of them.

Any professional knows how to clean up after a fire, but here at Damage Control Florida, we know how to handle the contents of your home with the proper care that you deserve. Also, professionals are equipped with the proper equipment in order to clean and restore your items to their proper form.

Bringing in a professional, especially professionals such as Damage Control Florida, will save you a ton of money. We will go through every inch of your home to make sure that each damaged item is taken care of in the proper way and in a timely manner.This will help to ensure that you are back in your home in a matter of time.

Clean up

After fire clean up is hard work. It requires special attention and care. Each one of our experts are trained to remove anything that is considered harmful to you and your family. Removing debris is the first step in getting your home back to its previous self. The cleaning of debris allows extra room for our professionals to come in and sort through the items in your home so that each damaged item can be removed.

Taking Care of Your Home

The items in your home such as furniture and personal items are not only things that need to be done when you have a fire. Obviously the entire home will need to be cleaned up. All debris in the home will need to be removed so that we can make the cleaning process as quickly as possible.

If you were unfortunate enough to endure a kitchen fire, special precautions will need to be taken. After all, this is where you store your food. Every inch of the kitchen will need to be sterilized and replaced if need be.


While it may not seem important, deodorizing of a home is very much essential to the cleaning process. After a fire, it is important to get that smoke smell out of your home in order to make it feel and smell like your home once again.
Our professionals will remove the soot and smoke damage from the walls in each room of the house. Once this is completed the home will be treated and deodorized. This will help to eliminate the smell.


Once the damaged area is cleaned up, the disinfecting process will begin. This process will involve chemical cleaning products followed by a dry mist. The dry mist is usually distributed in the air by a fog machines. This dry mist will help kill mold and viruses that may still be in the home after a fire. It also helps to eliminate spores and bacteria. Once this fog is distributed in the home, you can return after only a few short hours. Making it easier for one to reenter their home even quicker.