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One of the greatest services that we offer is probably one of the most important things to do when it comes to a home that is water damaged in Daytona Beach or the surrounding area. This service is packing out and packing back all of the contents that are in your home or business before the restoration process and then placing it back after the drying and restoration is complete.

Meaning, we will move any and all appliance and any other contents that you have in the damaged area. We will safely remove all contents from your property so that they are not damaged while the property is being restored back to its original form.

While water damage is hard to deal with alone, it often results in the damage of other belongings as well. While most damage to an item is very obvious, there are times when the damage goes unnoticed. Unnoticed damage is usually done by moisture, mold, mildew, and corrosion, and even though we are certified mold removal, inspections and testing experts, we would rather stop it before mold becomes and issue.. All of which can seriously damage an item without showing visual signs right away.

Loss of photographs and antiques usually happens when it comes to damages that are not normally seen right away.

We make sure that each of the contents of your home are documented and packed up so that you can be sure that all your items will return to you safely and back to where they belong.

Your Role In The Process

In order for us to remove the contents of your home from the premises, we will need you to sign an authorization form. This form will ensure that we have the right to not only remove the items in your home but to store them in a secure locations while your home or business is being treated.

You will also be needed to sign what is called a pack-out inventory sheet. This is a printed list of all items that are taken off your property. You will also receive a copy of this inventory list.

Also, any property on the premises that you will require back immediately for your personal or business use, you will be asked to identify. Things that you wish to keep such as medications will have to be taken out the home or placed aside before the pack-out process will be able to begin.

Deciding on what to replace or restore is also a decision that would require your assistance. This is required for things such as photographs, important legal documents and antiques.

What We Will Do

Our company follows a few short steps when it comes to our part of the pack-out pack-back services.

Our first step would be to coordinate with your insurance company representatives.

Our second step is to take pictures of the damaged property so that a record is kept. This way we know where each item was kept before the removal of any contents.

Our third step is to sort through all items that will not be taken out of the property. To separate them from the items that will be taken out of the home by us.

Our fourth step is to make sure that all contents that we remove from the property will be photographed so that an accurate description of their condition are noted before they are removed.

Our fifth step is to make an inventory of every item that will be removed from the property and provide you with a copy of it.
Once we have removed the items they will be taken to be cleaned, deodorized, and restored.

Once we have completed the restoration of your property, we will have all of the contents of your home safely returned and placed back in its original spot.

Once each item has been returned to your home, you will then receive a second inventory of all items placed back in your possession so that you may easily account for all items.